For several years now; I have had a love affair with intimate detail placement, vintage linens, anything floral & leafy, all things minimal, distressed & rusty. Most of all, photography.

Photography has always been a major passion of mine. The first time I picked up a camera, I must have been fourteen years young. My parents surprised me with my first DSLR for Christmas & from them on, the rest was history. Growing up I pursued countless passions, but photography always followed me. Today, I’m twenty-five, happily married to my best friend; Richard. Together we have a beautiful, wild-souled, curly haired, blue eyed boy- Everett. He’s our absolute pride & joy.

The beginning

My journey began in Florida. That is where I spent my teenage & college years. It’s where I met my husband & had our son. Where I also decided to take up photography professionally (instead of continuing it as just a hobby). Fast forward to 2015, our son is an around fourteen months old, my husband & I have been married for nearly two years now as well. My husband asked me how I felt about California & within 6 weeks we were out here. My husband was always an ambitious entrepreneur, with larger dreams than his eyes. So low and behold; we moved to Ca with all of our savings, our life packed up into a small Uhaul & a LOT of hope. We moved to Santa Monica, very much a “big city” to us “small town country” southern Floridian folks. We felt completely out of our element, but that didn’t matter much, we were here for a larger purpose. My husband developed & established several successful companies, including our marketing firm.


Two years later, 2017- we were able to move to Bakersfield while sustaining business in Santa Monica. My husband works from home now, as he runs our businesses. Over the last few years, I was fortunate enough to be a full-time stay at home mom & housewife. Though all the while, also being my husbands assistant & picking up any slack within our companies, helping guide employees & more. This taught me how to properly run & market a business.

New leaf

Today, my husband is now (in addition to running our other companies)- my assistant, helping me out within my company. Our son is our apprentice & our border collie Alaska, just tags along for the adventures. We are so blessed & thankful for the amount of support we have had throughout the years. I wake up excited every day because we truly are living our dreams. I have a great life partner, who has taught me so much, while also supporting all of my goals and ambitions. I’m beyond grateful that we are raising, teaching & immersing our son in an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Free as a bird

It’s important to us, that our son sees both his parents pursuing their passions- not only as careers but as truly fulfilling life experiences. We were made to do so much more than just “pay bills & die”. Our true freedom is the ultimate reward. We have been so fortunate that we have been able to travel the globe with our son, experiencing new destinations & cultures. We are truly nomadic humans, who also instill plenty of roots. So much of our drive comes from us wanting our son to experience life in the rawest way. We wouldn’t have it any other way

– Erin

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  • I would love to read more about your globe trotting! How are you able to travel outside the country with your son in tow? Traveling abroad with a toddler sounds exhausting! Would love to see your photography from around the world!

  • I would love to read more about your travels around the globe! How are you able to travel outside the country with a toddler-that sounds exhausting! Hope to see more of your photography from abroad!

    • Thank you so much! It’s been a whirlwind without a doubt! Haha. I’ll definitely make future posts about our travels & adventures, thank you so much for the feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I’ll be posting one every Monday, and every Friday I’ll have a podcast up as well. Don’t forget (if you live locally) to apply for my photo shoot giveaway! I’ll be selecting another winner this coming Monday. ? Have an inspirin weeked friend!


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