Commercial or residential real estate would be DEAD without marketing (as most businesses would be).

What business owner or agent honestly has TIME to keep up with the ever changing social media trends? Theres multiple platforms; email lists, websites, the Instagram stories- and what about all those LACK of engaged followers? We all DREAM of thousands of engaged followers- but just HOW do you gain it? In a media-frenzy world thats CONSTANTLY changing- HOW do you gain the RIGHT audience?

Well; LOOK NO FURTHER. We specialize in this market. We completely take social media off your hands! We “knock on doors” via the media to grow your own personalized ENGAGED & targeted following; which turn into HOT leads. We also use our own personally developed and patainted software to keep track of every insight- so theres NEVER any question as to who your reaching! We have PROVEN results & increase revenues for businesses. Don’t take our word for it; just ask Martha Johnson (or any of our other clients in town) what a massive differance we have made for them!

All of the images below have been shot by our award winning, published and professional team. We have also produced commercials and video clips for social media and sales funnels that have converted sales. These images below are just three of many sessions we have produced for revolving clients from Pismo Beach to Los Angeles. Each of these selected three part session types have been specially featured in Pismo Beach & Bakersfield magazines, advertisements published across the state & seen by thousands of viewers on the web. All three of these homes were sold in under 90 days directly after we produced our content.

If anyone knows how to speak & sell to your desired audience (with any business), it’s us!

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