Social Media | 3rd of July 2017

So you want to grow your social media. But you aren’t sure how to, or where to start? Well, guys; you’re in good hands. Take it from me- I grew my social media from 0-1100 in just 8 weeks (all authentic).

So, how was I able to grow my social media so quickly? Without spending any money on ads or bots? Well- simply by engaging with my followers. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. It was actually very time consuming & tedious ha ha- in fact, it’s a full-time job. But it’s an investment into my company that I’m willing to make. For you guys out there who have businesses also- and are trying to grow your social media (or convert your followers into paying clients), keep reading!

So I started my Vintage Roots Photography Instagram account in May. I gained about 300 or so followers in that month by putting in minimal efforts. I noticed I was at a stand still (where for the last week or two of May I didn’t gain a single new follower). So I decided to “spice things up” for the month of June.
I ran two different contests during the month of June. The first contest was a “free photo shoot giveaway” & the second was a “free Starbucks gift card” giveaway – just for me reaching 1000 followers (but I announced the giveaway when I had 800 followers). This sparked interest, and I gained roughly 800 followers in just 4 weeks. I also did outreach. I followed accounts who had the same interests as I did, tagged my photos & used one location on all my photos (to create consistency). I also made 2-3 posts a day during the highest traffic days & times- which I learned over my many years being in the marketing world. But I’m sure you can google that info. I also offer a variety of content from multiple places (not just an Instagram or a Facebook). My podcasts are on iTunes & my blogs, freebies, portfolio, most recent podcast & more are on my website. So why is that important? Because if you have a website- which I could go on & on all day about how VITAL it is to have a website (not a square space or “free” website), but a legitimate website. The key is to be SEO & back linked through Google- which you can only do by having a website. People don’t realize that social media is a tool- not your business. Again a topic for another day! In fact- this is the topic I’ll be discussing in more detail on this weeks podcast (you’ll want to subscribe y’all).

So, how do you grow your social media without spending a penny & without having one of those annoying “get friends now” styled apps?
Well, you need to be consistent in your posts. You need to engage with your audience. You need to take advantage of the “stories” on both Facebook & Instagram. You need to make your direct link your website handle, or your “bookings” link- not another social media outlet (like a Facebook) because from Instagram, your users can already find you on there. Make sure you are creating worthy content, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR HAND IN A VARIETY OF THINGS I.E BLOGS, PODCASTS & SO ON. But that WHAT you are posting on social media needs to be interesting & engaging. Maybe make a post that’s “all about you” or my favorite “fun fact Friday”. Your followers want to know who you are & learn how they can relate to you (or your brand). This is true for every company. Maybe make posts asking your audience “what is your favorite _____” or “Tell me how you all relate to ____”?. Your followers want to engage. Your followers follow you for a reason after all. Make them feel comfortable participating! Make sure if you host a giveaway, that it’s not complicated. Make sure you’re rewarding your followers by giving “deals” of raffles or hosting contests. Let them know you appreciate them. After all- it’s all about them. This is a common mistake so many business owners make- being selfish in their posts or accounts. And I don’t mean “selfish” in the sense that “this is mine” like my three-year-old son haha. I mean “selfish” in a sense that a business may not be putting their clients first. They may not offer deals or contests or ask their audience their opinions. This is bad when it comes to growing your business. It’s easy to get into that mind set of “I need to make my posts with a “quote worthy” caption 24/7″- but I say NO, here’s why. Here and there it’s fun to caption a photo with a pretty quote- sure. But make sure you’re actually engaging.

Seems like common sense I’m sure, and most of it is. But the trick is being consistent & staying motivated & inspired with your posts. Creating original content every day, multiple times a day isn’t exactly easy- but it is possible & if your business is your livelihood then you can’t afford to not invest into it. At the end of the day- you can try to “cheat the system” by purchasing a bot or a “buy friends now” app- but you won’t get a responsive audience. You’ll have a “large amout of following” but what good is that if they can’t convert into potential clients? If a business has 100,000 followers but only has 200 likes on a photo with no comments, that’s a major red flag TO potential clients, thus- hurting your company.

Again, I’ll get into more details about all of this on my podcast this week. Don’t forget to subscribe (as my free show is only 30 min) but the entire show runs from 60-90min. We get into extreme details regarding a variety of topics. Like I said the first company we ever started was our marketing firm. So we like to chat a lot about growing small businesses, or how to progress & grow your already existing successful company.

Thank you for reading my latest blog post. Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast as well. On the podcast, my husband and I get into much more detail. We have fun & informative conversation & also bring on special guests. Don’t miss it!

If you want to leave a comment or any feedback, we would appreciate it! After all, I’m doing all of this for you guys. If you have any requests, questions or opinions- I want to know about them! Have an inspiring day!

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